#ResistTrump: Jeff Sessions, delete your account!

Delete Your Account

Russia is the issue that won’t go away for the Trumpers. Today Attorney General/Racist Keebler Elf Jeff Sessions is in the hot seat for lying to Congress under oath about his contacts with a Russian official.


Some creepy pics of Jeff Sessions because why not?

Jeff Sessions … in hell!

Some more Dreamscope goofiness, featuring Jeff Sessions. Big up to Hieronymus Bosch, who provided the basis of a couple of the creepiest filters I used for these.


Terrible people celebrate Sessions confirmation with racism, gloating, more racism

From Occidental Dissent. Yes, that is Jeff Sessions’ head photoshopped onto the body of a confederate general. Which they think is a good thing.

Huh. I wonder what the internet’s worst people are saying about the confirmation of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III for Attorney General.

Let’s go to Twitter and look!

#ResistTrump actual activism misogyny racism trump

#ResistTrump by standing with Elizabeth Warren and against Jeff Sessions

And we will too. #ThePersistence

So, as you may have heard, Senate Republicans voted to shut down a speech by Senator Elizabeth Warren last night, using an old and generally unenforced rule banning Senators from impugning one another on the Senate floor.

#ResistTrump actual activism Islamophobia racism trump

#ResistTrump today by calling about Sessions, DeVos, Russia, the Muslim ban

Old-school speakerphone

Your mission today? More calls!

I know we’re all sick of making calls, but they make a difference. Republican members of congress are feeling besieged, and Democrats are standing up to Trump more directly because of pressure from their base. That is, from us.

There are a lot of things to call about. Here are a couple of ideas:

#ResistTrump abortion actual activism hate homophobia Islamophobia misogyny racism trump

#ResistTrump today by calling to oppose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

Jeff Sessions: Once referred to the Voting Rights Act as “intrusive legislation.”

The senate hearings for Donald Trump’s terrible cabinet picks start today with wannabe Attorney General Jeff Sessions. #ResistTrump today by calling your Senators and urging them not to vote for Sessions. 

#ResistTrump trump

#ResistTrump Today by checking this schedule for Trump cabinet confirmation hearings

Sen. Jeff Sessions: Not actually the Keebler elf

[NOTE: This post updated on 1/10/17 with some schedule changes.]

It’s going to be a busy week, so let’s break it down day by day.