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Some creepy pics of the younger Trumps because I have a headache

Like father, like sons and to a lesser degree like daughter

By David Futrelle

I‘m having a lovely unplanned migraine vacation today (not a vacation from migraines but a staycation with a migraine) so instead of a regular post. which would require a working brain on my part, here are some creepified pics of the younger generation of Trumps (plus Jared).

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Inept Jared, Bus Seat Burqas and Anthony “Ten Days” Scaramucci: Today in Tweets

At least this explanation makes some sense

In today’s Tweet roundup:┬áBus-seat burqas, Jared’s “incompetence” defense, and a cute little puppy!

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Lady Lemming Liberal Ivanka: A We Hunted the Mammoth News Quiz

Donald Trump and his favorite daughter (Sorry, Tiffany!)

Time for a news quiz!