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“No Time to Die” director acknowledges that James Bond was a rapist, and Reddit’s right-wing culture warriors cry foul

Dr. Won’t Tale No For an Answer

We need to talk about James Bond. The debonair master spy and mass seducer of women is looking a lot less charming today than he did back in his glory days in the 1960s and 1970s. As any relatively conscious person who’s watched an older Bond film in recent years can tell you, Bond was less a seducer than a straight up rapist — tricking, blackmailing and sometimes physically forcing women to have sex with him.

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Uh Oh 7: Fictional spy dude to be paired with woman his own age; Redpillers declare end of cinema

Daniel Craig in the clutches of hideous monster hag Monica Belluci
Daniel Craig in the clutches of hideous monster hag Monica Bellucci

Antifeminist douchenozzles regularly mock feminists for caring about so-called “first world problems” like “manspreading” and rape and systematic gender discrimination. Unlike those trivia-obsessed feminists, those who’ve taken the Red Pill only concern themselves with momentous questions, like the age of a certain fictional spy dude’s onscreen paramour.

On the Red Pill subreddit, the regulars are up in arms over the news that in the upcoming James Bond film Spectre, the main “Bond Girl” will be a woman more or less Bond’s own age, rather than half of it: current Bond Boy Daniel Craig, 47, will be playing opposite 50-year-old hag lady Monica Bellucci.