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It came from the comments: Artificial wombs will turn straight men gay because women suck

Makin’ babies

Another day, another drive-by misogynist commenter who ends up being even more terrible than the terrible people I wrote about in the post he’s commenting on.

creepy incel irony alert misogyny reddit

Lonely incel wants “human female” to appreciate him. And all human females killed.

Oh, r/Incels, must you be so incelish?

Found in Reddit’s r/Incels. I don’t even have a joke here. Please, dude, get therapy — for your sake, and for the sake of any “human females”┬áin your immediate vicinity.

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Incels agree: It’s “unfair and cruel” to expect men to enjoy sex with women over 30

Happily, we don’t live in a world in which we’re put to death at the age of 30

The incel subreddit is filled with angry dudes who think their inability to convince any human females to have sex with them — their “INvoluntary CELibacy” — is some kind of human rights violation.