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Matt Forney uses anniversary of Pulse nightclub murders to attack “sodomites,” Muslims, and Milo

Matt Forney and Milo Yiannopoulos, in happier days

Alt-right boy reporter Matt Forney, evidently worried that the good people of the internet don’t hate him enough already, is using the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shootings in Orlando as an opportunity to attack the “sodomites” who died in the massacre as well as those amongst the alt-right who took advantage of the shootings to drum up publicity for themselves and whip up even more hatred towards Muslims.

alt-right empathy deficit have you no humanity Islamophobia literal nazis racism red pill terrorism

It could not have been better: Why one alt-rightist is celebrating the Berlin Christmas market massacre

Mourners gather at a makeshift shrine in Berlin

It’s hardly news that extremists feed off of one another. ISIS was thrilled by Trump’s victory, knowing that his bigotry will send countless new recruits their way. Alt-rightists, meanwhile, seize on each new act of ISIS-inspired terrorism with something close to glee.