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Stop the caging of immigrant children! Here’s what you can do

This might look familiar if you’ve been watchig the news lately. But this is actually a dog kennel.

By David Futrelle

Just a quick post with list of things you can do to fight Trump’s horrific policy of separating children from their parents at the border.

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Mammoth Classic: Trump is the very model of Umberto Eco’s Ur-Fascist

This graphic isn’t subtle. Neither is Trump

By David Futrelle

I‘ve written a lot of posts for this blog since I started it in 2010. 3629, to be exact, not including 80 drafts of posts that I decided for some reason weren’t worth posting. It occurs to me that not all readers of this blog have literally read every single post on it. So they — you — may have missed out on some Actual Good Posts of mine from years past.

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#ResistTrump today by standing up for trans students and immigrants

Jeff Sessions: Kind of a dick

Just a quick #ResistTrump post today. There’s a lot going on. Here are two important developments that we need to respond to.

First: Jeff Sessions has started off his new job as Attorney General with an attempt to undermine legal protections of trans students.