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Homophobic A-Throws Other Homophobic A-hole Out of Men’s Rights Mhole ovement for Homophobic A-holery

Another big fight in the manosphere!
Another big fight in the manosphere!

I don’t want to make this blog the A Voice for Men Show, but that little hangout of angry dudes has really been outdoing itself in recent days. Take site founder and chief egomaniac Paul Elam’s post the other day reading the riot act to another Men’s Rights activist for being a homophobic asshole.

Specifically, an Australian bloke named Chris Key, whom Elam describes as “a true misogynist, homophobe and all around asshole who claims to be an MRA.”

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Romney: Obama bribed young women to vote for him with free contraceptives

Well, SOME women supported Romney

We’ve heard a lot in recent days from assorted manosphere dudes about how the “slut vote” – and the endless hunger of our nation’s “sluts” for free contraception – helped to bring about a humiliating end to Romney’s presidential hopes. The sluts went for Obama, we heard, because he promised them (and women in general) what they supposedly want most: “free stuff without ever having to work.”

Minus the word “slut,” this was the basic argument we’ve heard over the past week from a lot of right-wingers as well, including such big names as Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, who’ve been loudly complaining that Obama won over women – and minorities – by promising to give them “stuff.”

Well, today, a new voice joined this chorus: Mitt Romney himself. In a conference call today with some of his big donors – no doubt a fairly dispirited bunch – Romney offered this explanation for his defeat:

The Obama campaign was following the old playbook of giving a lot of stuff to groups that they hoped they could get to vote for them and be motivated to go out to the polls, specifically the African American community, the Hispanic community and young people. … In each case they were very generous in what they gave to those groups.

Never mind, as the Los Angeles Times points out, that Romney lost in some key states that have a minimal minority population, or that Romney’s promised tax cuts could be considered gigantic gifts to the rich.

While Romney talked less about gender than he did about race and enthnicity, he did single out one group that he said Obama had been especially generous to:  young women. And you all know the easiest way to bribe a young female voter. As Romney put it:

Free contraceptives were very big with young, college-aged women.

Apparently the government has been shipping out birth control pills along with those Obama Phones.

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Manosphere Civil War: AVFM fires back at the MGTOW rebels. Also, kitty pics.

Dude against dude. Not sure why the dogs are floating in midair.

Manosphere drama is always a bit surreal. You may recall my post the other day about the feud developing between two sites that are regular sources of material for us here at Man Boobz: MGTOWforums and A Voice for Men. As you may recall, the folks at MGTOWforums were working themselves into a lather because AVFM was committing the cardinal sin of allowing women – sorry, “cunts” – to post articles and comments. The horror!

Now AVFM has fired back. In a thread on AVFM’s relatively new forum, head cheese Paul Elam lashes out at the “MGTOW Forum Fuckwits,” declaring them a bunch of shit-stirring “piss ants” and announcing his plans to turn the AVFM forum into MGTOW central.

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On A Voice for Men, a gay MRA takes on the real enemy: stubby-fingered lesbians

Over on A Voice for Men, much-beloved commenter andybob, an honest-to-goodness gay MRA, confronts what he apparently sees as the real enemies of “real gay men” like him: stubby-fingered lesbians and the “noisy, spangled disco version” gay men who don’t hate lesbians enough.

Lesbians barged into gay men’s spaces in droves jabbing their stubby fingers at everyone. Predictably, they proceeded to boss everyone around, making the gay rights movement about them. Note that homosexuality was a criminal offence for MEN ONLY. Lesbianism was never against the law. They had jackshit to whinge about, but they made gay rights about them anyway, and used it as a propaganda vehicle to support feminism.

Notice that GLTT [sic] became LGTT? [sic] How’s that for petty entitlement? Gay men should have fought back, but, to our everlasting shame, we didn’t. The only gay men who remained in GLTT were slimy political types seeking personal aggrandizement, zeta poodle carriers and moronic party boys who don’t give a shit about anything except the pattern on the umbrella in their drinks. Of course, the MSM focus entirely on this noisy, spangled disco version of real gay men like me: men who know exactly how greedy, relentless and downright shady those lezziefems are and don’t trust them one iota.

Truly an inspiring vision of solidarity!

In the comments, Perseus seconds andybob’s hatred of “lesbian femmies.”

I’ve come across a lot of people over the course of my life, a whole range of people, a wide variety.. different cultures, different backgrounds, different types and different temperaments. Shady people, adversarial people, etc..

I can tell you that where I have experienced the most uniquely sinister, hating and conspiratorial sensation has been from encounters with true-blood lesbian femmies. It’s as if they can barely contain their loathing. They have that look of someone who has been talking insane shit about you, conspiring and plotting intensely against you, and would stab you right on the spot if they could get away with it.

Project much?

Lesbian feminists place themselves behind the scenes, using hetero-females as their curtain. They regard hetero-females as immature, naive useful idiots, the former using the collective sexual and feminine power over men, of the latter, as the levers of manipulation that they wield. How far do you think a bunch of gumballs like Naomi Wolf could really have taken this thing?

Lesbian femmies, we’ve got an eye on you, you’re on notice.

Considering how utterly disposable regular females regard males as, how amplified does that disposability become to a creature which doesn’t even see that shred of value in him as a heterosexual mating utility?

Their hatred for males manifests in two objectives: 1) to injure and destroy and 2) to manipulate and control, to the fullest extent possible.

Nuttin wrong with bein gay. Somethin wrong with acts of evil..

Naturally, both andybob and Perseus received only compliments for their clear thinking from the assembled AVFMenners.

Andybob only dealt with the first two letters of the LGBT acronym; I shudder to think what he must feel about the other two.

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Young women having sex with guys they’re attracted to: A dire threat to civilization itself

Aside from Men Going Their Own Way and others who have sworn off women altogether, the almost-exclusively straight dudes of the manosphere devote an incredible amount of time trying to figure out how to get into the pants of young, hot, “fertile” women in their teens and twenties, and complain bitterly about the terrible injustice they suffer when these women refuse to have sex with them.

And then they turn around and attack women in their thirties for actually wanting to have sex with them – because these women have committed the dastardly crime of having sex with other men when they were younger. In the parlance of our times the manosphere, this is known as “riding the cock carousel.”

Today we have a lovely example of this latter phenomenon, from prolific manosphere commenter “Deti,” who attacked  former “carousel riders” in this rant he left in the comments on The Woman and the Dragon. (There may be lots of equally horrible things in the comments there as well; I haven’t looked. I found Deti’s comment because it was highlighted as a piece of great wisdom on The Private Man, yet another terrible manosphere blog.)

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Hey, MRAs: If you don’t want people to associate you with hatred, don’t associate yourself with hate groups

MRAs: digging their own hole.

Here’s a bit of advice for Men’s Rights redditors and MRAs in general: if you don’t want people to associate the Men’s Rights movement with hatred, you should probably not associate yourselves with hate groups.

Yesterday, a fellow called heiligenschein posted a link in the Men’s Rights subreddit to a relatively new subreddit called simply SPLC, a subreddit set up by enemies of the Southern Poverty Law Center and devoted to, as heiligenschein put it, “compiling the numerous criticisms of the [SPLC].” As he explained in a comment: