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The Thinking Housewife: In the wake of Sandy, why are New Yorkers dressed so drably?

Now THESE gals are dressed for a hurricane.

The single strangest reaction I’ve seen thus far to the devastation of Sandy comes from Laura Wood, the genteel bigot and feminism-hater who blogs as The Thinking Housewife. After looking through a gallery of photos on the Daily Mail showing some of the damage in New York city, Wood suggested that the real problem is that New Yorkers aren’t wearing cheerful enough clothing:

THESE Daily Mail photos of New York City after the hurricane remind me of just how ugly the streets of Manhattan are, with almost everyone dressed in drab, uninteresting clothes that rival the uniforms of Maoist China for their homogeneity and lifelessness. America is one of the most aesthetically impoverished nations in history. I wonder how many thousands of people are on medication because they are depressed by their own clothes and their ugly, hostile environments, surrounded as they are by impersonal denim, sneakers with tire treads, plastic-covered down jackets, billboards with oppressive smiles, and the austere, chilling cliffs of modern skyscrapers. This is the environment of a people that idolizes equality and sameness. The only way to survive amid such poverty is to possess an interior castle, a place of tapestries and mahogany where denim and sweat jackets are nowhere to be seen.

Just make sure this castle of yours isn’t reduced to rubble by 85 mile-an-hour winds and flying debris.

Speaking of New York, here’s an interesting (if a bit shaky) video of a walk through that city’s dark streets after the hurricane hit.

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Superstorm Sandy Aftermath Open Thread, With Kitties

So far it looks like Man Boobzers got through Sandy mostly OK.  Seems like it’s time for some kitties.

First, here’s one kitty unleashing its own brand of destruction:

And here are a couple of tiny kittens trying to help a human with some cleanup.

Discuss Sandy, kitties, and whatever else you want below. (No talk about slavery though.)

And if you’re a Man Boobzer who was unfortunate enough to be in Sandy’s path, let us know how you’re doing!

off topic open thread

Hurricane Sandy Open Thread

Let me second Cloudia in the comments, and say that I hope all East Coast Manboobzers (and their loved ones, and everyone else in the area) is safe and sound and braced for Sandy.

East coasters, use the comments below to check in and let us know how you are! The rest of you, discuss!