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Trump has the best natural disasters: Today in Tweets

What a crowd!

By David Futrelle

The Trumps go to Texas. And other news.

Let’s go to the Tweets.

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Men’s Rights subreddit responds to Hurricane Harvey with … a big fat nothing

Very impressive, guys

UPDATE: See the update at the end of the post. 

By David Futrelle

So I took a quick peek into the Men’s Rights subreddit — the leading Men’s Rights forum on the internet, with 156,000 subscribers — to see what the fellas were saying about the disaster in Texas.

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Underwater: Today in Tweets

Houston today

By David Futrelle

Much like Katrina, Harvey is turning into a slow-motion catastrophe as the deluge continues and flood waters rise. The National Weather Service is predicting more than 50 inches of rain in some areas, “beyond anything experienced before.”

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Shooter who wounded 9 in Houston this morning was reportedly dressed in Nazi uniform


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The shooter who wounded nine people in a rampage near a shopping mall in Houston this morning was wearing what looked like a Nazi uniform, local police sources told Houston’s KPRC2.