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Is Paul Craig Roberts on LSD or am I?

Paul Craig Roberts: Tripping balls?

So I started reading this column by Paul Craig Roberts explaining why “white privilege and white racism are hoaxes” and I began to feel a little woozy. Roberts’ leaps of logic were so strange and vertiginous I began to halfway wonder if someone had put something in my drink. Or in his.

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The gunman who killed two in an attack on a German synagogue is a misogynist as well as an antisemite. Because they always are.

By David Futrelle

Earlier today, a gunman killed two in Halle, Germany in a failed assault on a synagogue; had he been able to get into the building itself — the door was locked and quickly barricaded — the death toll would have been much higher. He was quickly taken into custody.

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There are, for real, Nazi Flat Earthers, and they need to fall off the edge of the world

Hitler takes aim at the ball earth propagandists at NASA

There’s a civil war brewing in the midst of the once-happy alt-right. No, I don’t mean the squabbles between those alt-rightists who’ve abandoned Trump over his Syria attack and those sticking with Daddy — that’s old news. I mean the civil war between the neo-Nazis who think the earth is a globe and those who think it’s flat.

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A Voice for Men’s post on feminism destroying humanity is not only daft; it’s plagiarised

Eyes on your own paper, Mr. Bean!
Eyes on your own paper, Mr. Bean!

UPDATE: The plagiarised posts on AVFM have been taken down without explanation or apology; see my post here for more details and perhaps a little schadenfreude. 

UPDATE 2: Elam has belatedly posted an acknowledgement of (some of) the plagiarism. Then he called me fat. See my take here.

You may remember Amartya Talukdar, the marital rape legalization advocate and Holocaust denier who is also a regular contributor to A Voice for Men.

Yesterday, he graced us all with a post on AVFM featuring the ominous title Feminism and Destruction of Humanity.

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Leading MRA site A Voice for Men continues to publish a Holocaust denier and marital rape apologist

Some other Holocaust deniers
Some other Holocaust deniers

Last month, I reported that Indian Men’s Rights Activist and marital rape apologist Amartya Talukdar — a regular contributor to leading Men’s Rights site A Voice for Men — was a Holocaust denier.

The evidence? A series of Tweets in which, among other things, he declared that the “Holocaust is a lie of gigantic proportion,” expressed a certain admiration for Hitler and, bizarrely, declared that Hillary Clinton was a “Jewess.”

When I asked AVFM’s then-managing editor Dean Esmay about these troubling Tweets from someone he had published on his site only a few days earlier, he responded … by calling me a “stalker madman” and threatening to call the police if I ever emailed him again. (It was, as far as I recall, the only time I’ve ever emailed him.)

Well, ok, I thought, the folks at AVFM seem to be congenitally unable to ever admit to being wrong, even when the evidence is right before their eyes. But I didn’t think AVFM would be dumb enough to post anything by Talukdar ever again. 

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The author of A Voice for Men’s marital rape apologia is a Holocaust denier and Hitler fan. No, really.

Adolph Hitler: Men's Rights Fuhrer
Adolph Hitler: Fuhrer Rights Activist

Amartya Talukdar is a Men’s Rights Activist and self-described “dedicated humanist” who’s written numerous posts for A Voice for Men — most notoriously, the explicit apologia for marital rape that I wrote about earlier this week. In that post, Talukdar declared that “marriage is a licence for sex” and lamented that if marital rape is made illegal in India, men denied sex by their wives might have to resort to masturbation, prostitution, or cheating to find sexual relief.

That’s right; he seems to think that it’s more of a crime for a woman to “force” a man to turn to masturbation than it is for that man to force sex on his unwilling wife.

Well, it turns out that Talukdar has some other, er, interesting beliefs as well. In a series of recent Tweets, he’s revealed himself to be a Holocaust denier and Hitler admirer who believes that Hillary Clinton is a “Jewess.” No, really.