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Galaxy brained racist PUA: If we convince libs that cold weather = white supremacy, they’ll have to support global warming

Is Santa Claus a secret Nazi?

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By David Futrelle

Ok, so you know how there are lots of white people in northern Europe? And, like, Canada? What if a bunch of far-right shitlords were able to convince the media that cold weather was a white thing? Then the libs would have to support global warming!

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Old pickup artist yells at “cultural hermaphroditism”

Heartiste: Probably not a big Marlene Dietrich fan

By David Futrelle

Alt-rightish PUA blogger Heartiste seems to be transforming before our eyes into the internet equivalent of a cranky old man from a 1970s sitcom who’s forever grousing about how you can’t tell the boy hippies from the girl hippies because they all have long hair.


Pickup guru “Heartiste” hallucinates a quote from Stormy Daniels to prove the Donald is a total sex god

Storm warning

By David Futrelle

Imagine being so invested in the idea of Donald Trump as a Sex Lord that you hallucinate — or simply invent — a quote from Stormy Daniels as “proof” of the Donald’s prowess.

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Pickup artist writes / The worst haikus ever wrote / Basho facepalm time

Basho is not impressed

By David Futrelle

Last week I treated you to a surprisingly heartfelt, if still ridiculous, poem from an MRA who was trying to win me over to his side. Turns out he’s not the only manospherean who thinks he can pull off poetry. The exuberantly racist, woman-hating pickup artist who calls himself Heartiste — as overconfident in his literary abilities as always — recently treated his blog readers to a short burst of what he called “High T-kus” — that is “High Testosterone Haikus.”

alt-right creepy eww heartiste

Rancid pickup artist celebrates “free-balling.” You may lose your lunch

Literally the only circumstance in which I want to hear about “going commando.”

By David Futrelle

Our old friend Heartiste, the Nazoid pickup artist with the penchant for overwrought prose, has penned a short paean to the alleged joys of “going commando” — that is, not wearing underwear. It is … something.

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Nazi idiots accuse CDC of lowering “normal” testosterone range in plot to turn men gay

Typical low-testosterone gay men

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By David Futrelle

Watch out, straight dudes! The government is coming for your manhood!

alt-lite alt-right empathy deficit entitled babies heartiste literal nazis men who should not ever be with women ever racism trump white supremacy whites created civilization

Blinded by the White: Racists hail Trump’s optical “love letter to White America”

White people gather on the White House lawn

By David Futrelle

Early in the Trump administration, amateur and professional White House watchers noticed something rather striking about the assorted photo ops that the new President and his handlers liked to stage for the press: they all seemed to feature gaggles of smug white dudes, with the occasional white woman added to the mix to provide a little bit of gender if not racial diversity.

alt-right crackpottery heartiste racism white genocide white supremacy whitepocalypse

The Little Engine That Could … Commit White Genocide?

Zoom zoom train go fast!

Over on Chateau Heartiste, everybody’s favorite pickup-artist-turned-racist-shithead-with-delusions-of-literary-grandeur Heartiste is getting pretty worked up about Confederate statues and, er, high-speed rail.

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Racist, sexist and sexually insecure is no way to go through life, alt-right dudes

Every alt-right dude’s worst nightmare

One thing you can say for alt-right dudes: They’re not shy about exposing their sexual insecurities to the world.

The only thing is: They don’t actually realize that’s what they’re doing.

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Harry Potter pushes “willing cuckoldry as a moral imperative,” weirdo Nazoid pickup artist explains

Snape, what a beta!

The (alleged) pickup artist who calls himself “Heartiste” is a lot of things — a misogynist, a homophobe, a racist, a bizarrely overwrought prose stylist, to name just a few of his more charming features. But one thing I never would have pegged him for? A Harry Potter fan.