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#ResistTrump: Call TODAY to stop Trumpcare Mach 2

Trumpcare will bring us real death panels

Hey, anti-Trumpers and lovers of health insurance. It’s crucial you call TODAY to stop the Republican push for Trumpcare Mach 2, especially if your rep is one of the undecided Republicans who are key to stopping the bill.

Here are some tweets with relevant info!

#ResistTrump open thread

Repub “health care” bill pulled. RESISTANCE WORKS! Happy Friday!

The Republican party in action

It’s a good day. And it’s all thanks to those who protested in the streets, who showed up at Town Hall meetings, who called or wrote their elected representatives, who did anything else they could think of to fight repeal. If you were part of the Resistance, and I know a lot of you were, give yourself a big hand. You did it. We did it.