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Ten dynamite last-minute costume ideas for a Men’s Rights Halloween

Men’s Rights Activists! Are you scrambling to find a good costume for a Halloween party tonight?

Here are a few suggestions, free of charge.

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The Halloween Costume of Great Misandry


Actually it's about ethics in trick or treating
Actually it’s about ethics in trick or treating

So on Halloween the dude in the pics above went out dressed as a … well, a Men’s Rights Activist, I guess, or maybe a GamerGater, or Redditor? Something along those lines. Whatever he was, he apparently won second prize in some sort of costume contest.

Well, the dude at the Tumblr blog Indefinite Free Pizza is having none of it:


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7 Totally Awesome Last Minute #GamerGate Halloween Costumes

This could be you!
This could be you!

So you waited until the last minute to pull together your #GamerGate Halloween costume. And you’re lazy as crap.

Well, you’re in luck! Here are seven totally half-assed, no-effort #GamerGate costumes you can pull together in a few minutes with stuff you have around the house!