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Tucker Carlson’s Reddit superfans are almost as scary as he is

If public figures can be judged, at least in part, by the qualities of their biggest fans, then Tucker Carlson is a real piece of shit.

anti-Semitism white genocide white supremacy

Tucker Carlson gets two pasty white thumbs up from white nationalist site VDare for his endorsement of the “great replacement” conspiracy theory

You answered your own question, buddy boy

Fox News’ white-men’s rights activist Tucker Carlson has won himself plaudits from white supremacists and others on the racist right for not-so-subtly sneaking their ideas and rhetoric into his nightly monologues.

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MGTOWs are channeling the alt-right again, accusing women voters of ushering in “the Great Replacement”

MGTOWs are increasingly echoing alt-right arguments about women

By David Futrelle

The alt-rightification of the Men Going Their Own Way movement continues apace, with Reddit MGTOWs echoing racist alt-right talking points to argue, as many MGTOWs long have, that women should never have been given the right to vote.