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Roosh V blames Satan for his boners. But he’s not the only alt-lite grifter obsessed with the Dark Lord

Could it be?

By David Futrelle

Our old friend Roosh V is sounding a bit like a fundamentalist preacher these days:

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Accused #MAGAbomber’s Twitter account was a smorgasbord of hate and violent threats. Twitter, what gives?

Accused #MAGAbomber Cesar Sayoc: Not shy about expressing his opinions (Pic adapted from photo posted to one of his now-deleted Twitter accounts.)

By David Futrelle

I spent some time this afternoon going through one of accused #MAGAbomber Cesar Sayoc’s apparent Twitter accounts, one specifically devoted to trolling and threatening his assorted political enemies, screenshotting and archiving what I could before Twitter took it down. He was a prolific tweeter. I got through two months of it.

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Blazing hot takes on mail bombs from the #MAGA crowd

Yes, they’re already starting to make NPC memes about it

UPDATE, FRIDAY 10/26: They’ve nabbed a suspect, a 56-year-old Florida man whose van is covered with pro-Trump stickers, alongside “CNN SUCKS” stickers and  pictures of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats depicted in crosshairs. Somehow I don;t think this is going to stop these people from crying “false flag.” 

By David Futrelle

At yet another of his endless series of rallies this Wednesday night, Donald Trump responded to the news that pipe bombs were sent to the homes and offices of a number of his top Democratic bete noires, as well as to CNN, another favorite Trump target, by offering only the vaguest possible condemnations of these acts of terrorism.

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Far-right Proud Boys violently assault protesters in late-night rampage; Fox News declares “Antifa attacks again — swords and vandalism”

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes: He’s the one who drew the sword.

By David Futrelle

Last night the Proud Boys went looking for a fight. After a speech by the group’s founder Gavin McInnes at the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan, members of the group — a gang of pro-Trump goons who seem to get into fights at every event they attend — were caught on video violently attacking several people who had come out to protest their event, beating and kicking them.

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Mike Cernovich: The Soros of the far-right?

Mike Cernovich: Mr. Moneybags?

Did right-wing media troll and all-around terrible person Mike Cernovich just do the exact thing he’s been accusing financier George Soros of doing for months? Did Cernovich literally pay protesters to attend an event?

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Idiots, douchebags and idiotic douchebags defend Bill O’Reilly on Twitter

Bill O: He will be missed. By assholes.

As every single person on your Twitter timeline has no doubt informed you by now, the execrable Bill O’Reilly is finally — finally! — out at Fox News. Not everyone is happy with this development.

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The Leftists is a Clever Animal: An addled Davis Aurini responds to anti-Trump protests

The Leftists defeating itself, apparently
The Leftists defeating itself

A specter is haunting Davis Aurini, the specter of thousands of Americans exercising their First Amendment rights by taking to the streets to protest the incoming Trump administration.

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Memeday: A visit to Reddit’s horrifying haven for Trump fans, The_Donald

Remember this antisemitic anti-Hillary meme? The_Donald is trying to Googlebomb it to the top of the results for the word "corrupt"
Remember this antisemitic anti-Hillary meme? The_Donald is trying to Googlebomb it to the top of the results for the word “corrupt”

As Trump stumbles from one self-created crisis to another, the main hub of Trump support on Reddit is thriving. The_Donald now boasts more than 200,000 subscribers, many of them eager cyber-warriors who love nothing so much as Googlebombing anti-Hillary memes (like the one above) to the top of the search engines results, or flooding online polls with votes for the man they call their God Emperor.