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Western incels furious they’re being denied a hologram waifu in a jar

No “Japanese jailbait holo gitls” for you, incels, unless you speak their language

By David Futrelle

Several years ago, I wrote about a holographic “virtual companion” that seemed designed to fulfill the romantic fetishes of every anime-obsessed incel. “Azuma,” as she was known, was basically a tiny, chatty waifu encased in a jar she could never escape from — seemingly a Black Mirror episode waiting to happen.

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Fellas! Tiny hologram lady in a jar will be your girlfriend/slave for $2700

Every lonely misogynist’s dream girl? (Graphic adapted from Gatebox AI website; the “master now wanted” line is really what they have her saying.)

A Japanese company is taking the idea of a virtual assistant to a new level.

By which I mean that their new virtual assistant is a tiny holographic lady who lives in what looks like a very expensive coffee makerĀ and wants you to be her boyfriend/master.