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Allegedly cash-strapped Daily Stormer declares: “We’re Laying Off Staff Because You Didn’t Send Money”

Will this be the Daily Stormer’s downfall?

By David Futrelle

You hate to see it. Nazi trash site The Daily Stormer is apparently running out of money. In a morose but petulant post today, head Stormer Andrew Anglin threatened to lay off his staff and cut back on his coverage of such vital issues as Jews, race war, women not deserving rights, and Jews unless his readers coughed up more bucks bitcoins than they’ve donated so far.

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Urgent fundraising appeal

The time has arrived once again for that several-times-yearly ritual of the pledge drive, where I come to you, loyal readers, with hat in hand to ask for the donations that will keep me, and this blog, running. And this pledge drive, like the last, is an urgent one.

At the time of the last pledge drive, seven months ago, I was in pretty dire straits, facing a financial crisis that could have left me unable to pay my rent and other basic expenses. You all came through in a huge way; I was and still am humbled by your generosity. It was incredibly heartening to discover how much We Hunted the Mammoth means to you. And it’s heartening as well to see how many more of you have begun contributing between pledge drives, many monthly. A very large thank you to all of you!

Unfortunately, I’m not out of the woods yet, and many of the same issues make this pledge drive nearly as urgent as the last one. The main reason? For most of the nine years of its existence, I heavily subsidized this blog out of my 401(k) savings. But those savings are gone. And I’m still burdened with oversized medical bills and ongoing medical expenses. I’m working on ramping up freelance work, but it’s taking longer than I’d hoped.

If you want to keep this blog (and its owner) running smoothly, please, please donate if you possibly can; or (if you already donate), send along a little (or a lot) more than usual.

Here’s that button again.

You don’t need a PayPal account to donate using this button; credit cards are fine. And if you want to avoid PayPal altogether, email me at and I’ll let you know how. I will also be putting up a long-awaited Patreon page soon as well. THANKS!

If you can’t afford a donation right now, there are of course many other ways to support the blog. I love getting tips from readers. I love it when people share my posts on social media or pass them along to friends. If you have other ideas or special talents you can offer, let me know!

Once again, thank you so much for your support!

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Emergency Fundraising Appeal UPDATE, in the form of a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU

Dear readers,

I honestly don’t know what to say! I’m awed and humbled by your amazing response to the emergency fundraising appeal I put up yesterday. You’ve pulled me back from the financial brink and provided me with the resources I need to get through the next several months while I work to put the blog (and myself) on a more solid financial footing for the long term.