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MGTOWs write virtual love letters to their Fleshlights: “Who knew $60 could replace a woman completely?”

MGTOWs do love them some Fleshlights

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By David Futrelle

So-called Men Going Their Own Way are some of the most ignorant motherfuckers on the entire planet. But they do have a certain expertise in a small number of areas — whining, cooking inedible food in great quantities, and of course the fine art of fucking inanimate objects.

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Great news, incels! The SW-3701 Automatic Semen Collector Instrument will agree to have sex with you

Ok, I added the eyes, and the cats, and the hearts, and everything else that isn’t the Semen Collector or the guy demonstrating it

By David Futrelle

Incels, and quite a few of their misogynistic brethren in the MGTOW and Men’s Rights movements, are more than a little obsessed with what they see as the impending arrival of super-realistic sexbots that, these guys think, will make women obsolete, because in their minds all that women are good for is sex anyway.