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Feminism defeated by devastating new “earplug” argument

Checkmate, feminists!

By David Futrelle

Well, feminism was fun while it lasted, but now it’s time for us to negotiate our terms of surrender to the Men’s Rights Activists. And all because of this post in the MRAmemes subreddit by some dude called MRA-automatron-2kb..

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Feminists push porn to make men weak through excessive masturbation, NoFap conspiracy theorist explains

He used to be an alpha dog. Them he got addicted to porn

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By David Futrelle

NoFappers — they call themselves fapstronauts — give up masturbating to porn because they’ve convinced themselves that it drains them of their “life force” and makes them lethargic and dull-witted.

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Young Men’s Rights Activist who delights in “making feminists’ spines crawl” is baffled that he can’t get a date

Dating a feminist is dangerous business!

By David Futrelle

If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you, son. Just don’t go to the Men’s Rights subreddit for help.

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Dramatic Reading Friday: A brave Reddit warrior takes on the "Sarkeesian feminists."

Marlene Dietrich is not impressed with your bullshit
Marlene Dietrich is not impressed

Over in the Men’s Right’s subreddit, one new Social Injustice Warrior is weary, worn down by fighting the Bad Fight against the “Sarkeesian feminists” on Twitter. And what better way to convey one’s weariness than with a melodramatic monologue?

So he posted this: