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A female Marvel comics editor posts a milkshake selfie — and fanbabies throw a fit

The Milkshake Menace

By David Futrelle

Like the titular character in The Princess and the Pea, the members of the Great Internet Lady Hating Machine have developed a truly impressive sensitivity towards the slightest perceived discomfort. And so it shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise that a small army of perpetually outraged comics fanbabies are currently losing their collective shit over a milkshake selfie.

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MGTOW Memeday: Crushed by the wheels of Ladies’ Night

The meme-maker forgot to include "Graphic Designer: No one will hire him"
The meme-maker forgot to include “Graphic Designer: $0 yr. No one will hire him”

Say what you will about the meme-makers at the Going GHOST – MGTOW Facebook page, but you have to give them credit for one thing: their laser-like focus on the issues that truly matter to men.

And I don’t mean silly frivolous fluff like prison rape or workplace safety or prostate cancer. No, I mean the issues that REALLY matter. Like ladies night. And hot chicks playing video games in their underwear.

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Should gaming be a “safe space” for nerdy dudes who hate women? The Men’s Rights perspective


I’m back from a brief vacation in Migraineland, and thinking about the ways in which Men’s Rights Activists love to appropriate the language of feminism and other progressive movements, usually in ways that are face-palmingly ass-backwards.

Take this recent discussion on the Men’s Rights subreddit of the dire threat of “fake gamer girls” invading the “male space” of gaming. The generically named guywithaccount sets up the discussion with this post: