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White Nationalist gurus declare war on witches, and feminists, and feminist witches, and maybe just women in general

Short of throwing her in a pond to see if she floats, how exactly does one go about spotting a real live witch? It’s easy, according to wannabe Witchfinder General F. Roger Devlin. All you really need to know is that witches tend to be two-bag ugly.

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A 4chan anon makes the case for cuckoldry: “It isn’t a fetish; it’s the natural order”

4Channers are so obsessed with calling people “cucks” that you can’t help but wonder if some of them are just projecting their own secret — or perhaps not-so-secret — fetishes on the world.

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She Hunted the Mammoth

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If you’re a regular reader of We Hunted the Mammoth, you probably know the story behind the site’s ironic name — it came from a rant by a Men’s Rights activist type demanding that women show more gratitude toward men because of all the selfless things men have allegedly done for women in history.

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Oh how I love it when they talk evo psych

Genghis Khan: Blame him for disloyal hoes

Here’s one MGTOW Redditor offering an evo psych explanation as to why, ehrm, “hoes ain’t loyal to the tribe or men in general.”

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Tall men “make short roasties’ holes quiver with the thought of eradicating short men” and other insights from Twitter’s Daily Blackpill

Shaq and then-girlfriend Nicole Alexander genociding short men

By David Futrelle

The fellow who runs the Daily Blackpill account on Twitter is the very model of a modern incel — bitter, angry, hopelessly confused, and probably a few inches short of 6 feet tall. He hates Jews, “roasties,” Chad, and men taller than him.

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Arguing against someone’s ideas “is a form of slavery,” and other untrue things I’ve learned from the Mammoth Malebag

woman saying "what"
I’m equally confused

By David Futrelle

I spend a lot of my time reading through other people’s very bad opinions. And I don’t always have to go to Reddit or to find them. Trolls and weirdos often deliver their terrible opinions directly to me in the form of emails and tweets and comments they try to leave here on the blog.

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HE SAID THE THING! YouTube ranter Warcorpse666 thinks men deserve privilege because they hunted the you-know-what

Has never fought a mammoth with sticks and rocks

By David Futrelle

He said the thing! I always enjoy it when I run across an example of the exact very thing I’m mocking in the title of the blog: some dude claiming that men today deserve a grateful “thank you” from the women of the world because, in the old old old old old days cave men (allegedly) hunted mammoths to feed their lazy cave wives sitting idly at home eating prehistoric bon bons and dreaming of cave Chad.

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Quillette: Don’t worry about the pay gap, ladies, because you could always become “a bar prostitute, a girlfriend, or a wife”


By David Futrelle

Now I know you ladies like to complain about that pesky pay gap. But there’s no need to worry your pretty little heads (or bodies) about it, because some dude on Quillette has some great ideas on how to extract all the money you need from hapless cash-rich, sex-poor men. Even if — especially if — you live in a mining town, as so many of you gals do these days.

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Female nature, as explained by Reddit’s experts on video game titties

By David Futrelle

In the Kotaku in Action subreddit , where GamerGate never died (it just smells that way), the regulars are getting mad that the community manager for the game Total War: Three Kingdoms objected to some “sexy mods” that horny gamers had come up with.

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You Nagged Us to Hunt the Mammoth to Feed You: A new variation on an old misogynist tall tale

Oopsie whoopsie! (Recolored screenshot from Far Cry: Primal)

By David Futrelle

Manosphere dinguses, like the Evo Psych professors many of them are such fans of, love to tell “just-so” stories about human prehistory that reinforce their backwards notions about men and women.