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From the Archives: Candace Owens meets Gamergate — and things get weird

Candace Owens: Has a thing for terrible dudes

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By David Futrelle

Candace Owens — self-proclaimed “Red Pill Black” conservative — is having a bit of a moment, hanging out with new Trump fan Kanye West, posing for selfies with Don Jr., getting an effusive Twitter shout-out from Don Sr,, threatening to sue people who talk about her in what she considers the wrong way.

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Some creepy pics of the younger Trumps because I have a headache

Like father, like sons and to a lesser degree like daughter

By David Futrelle

I‘m having a lovely unplanned migraine vacation today (not a vacation from migraines but a staycation with a migraine) so instead of a regular post. which would require a working brain on my part, here are some creepified pics of the younger generation of Trumps (plus Jared).

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I’m shocked, SHOCKED, to see the Trump kids selling access to their dad for big $$$

Also, you get to kill some animals

Apparently it’s only wrong when Hillary (allegedly) does it.

Even after repeatedly attacking Hillary — without evidence — for allegedly operating a pay-for-play scheme when she was Secretary of State, selling access and favors in return for big donations to The Clinton Foundation, the Trumps don’t seem to understand that selling access for money is a bad thing, even when they do it.