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The only valuable thing about women is their looks, manosphere “economist” Aaron Clarey declares

Woman cashing in on her economic asset

It’s Equal Pay Day, the annual holiday intended to remind everyone of the still very much real wage gap between men and women, so what better day for self-styled Manosphere “economist” Aaron Clarey to declare that the economic worth of women is based almost entirely on their hotness?

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“Celebrate” Equal Pay Day with this busted Men’s Rights meme!

This isn’t the busted meme, by the way. The meme is below.

Today is Equal Pay Day, a well-intentioned if imperfect faux holiday based on the notion that women have to work roughly a year and three-and-a-half months in order to make as much money as men make in a year.

The wage gap is a little — actually, a lot — more complicated than┬áthat. Only a portion of the gap is the result of straight-up discrimination; much of the rest is┬áthe result of women’s choices.