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Right-wing conformists attack leftists for their alleged conformity

Because you know that life is full of pain and totalĀ conformists

So there I was, scrolling through my RSS feeds, when I ran across a little gem of an article from the Epoch Times — you know, the Trump-besotted newspaper run by a literal cult. I was drawn in by the title “We Live in the Era of the New Conformists.”


The Epoch Times is a teensy bit obsessed with people holding hands — especially if they’re dead

Am I doing this meme right?

By David Futrelle

The Epoch Times is a weirdo right-wing newspaper that loves Donald Trump nearly as much as it loves running stories about UFOs and past lives. It’s run by Falun Gong, a genuinely oppressed Chinese religious group that might also be just a bit on the culty side. Naturally, it’s huge on Facebook.