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Former incel: “Developing empathy got me out of the incel rabbit hole”

Deanna Troi would be proud

“IncelExit” is a small subreddit devoted to helping those who’ve fallen into the incel rabbit hole and who are looking for “support and help with a pathway out.” It brings together “normies” who want to help with incels actually willing to listen to advice — a rarity in most incel communities, where every proposed solution is denounced as a “cope” or worse.

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Are we being too mean to incels who laugh at murdered ten-year-olds? One concerned ex-SJW says yes

A memorial for ten-year-old Julianna Kozis, who lost her life in Sunday’s mass shooting in Toronto

By David Futrelle

On Monday, I wrote about the gleeful reaction some commenters on the forum had to news that one of the victims in Sunday’s mass shooting in Toronto was a ten-year-old girl.