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The Week in Woke: Pregnant Man Emoji edition

It’s time again for The Week in Woke, my attempt to track the silliest things that right-wingers have declared “woke” on a weekly basis. Today we’ve got a pregnant man, some Major League sports, and a renegade … Fox News?

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Daily Stormer: We’re being white genocided by interracial emojis

The four horsepersons of the whitepocalypse?

By David Futrelle

White supremacists — perhaps the special-est of all special snowflakes — have a tendency to sink into tooth-grinding rages over the tiniest symbolic threats (or what they see as threats) to the supposed purity of their race. And never more so than when they feel that “their” white women are being sullied by so-called “black brutes”— which often feels to fragile racist men like a kind of cuckolding.