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So it wasn’t Ellen Pao who fired that popular Reddit staffer after all? But the angry mob isn’t apologizing.

Reddit's Alexis Ohanian "can't comment on the specifics."
Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian “can’t comment on the specifics.”

As you may recall, the recent week of hate and abuse directed at Reddit CEO Ellen Pao, which led to her becoming ex-Reddit-CEO Ellen Pao, was triggered by the firing of a popular admin Victoria Taylor, one of the few people on Reddit’s staff who actually seemed to respond to user concerns. The firing was said to be an example of Pao’s supposed “incompetence,” a sign that she didn’t really understand Reddit or Reddit culture — and that she needed to go.

One problem with this line of argument was that there was never ever any proof that Pao was responsible for firing Taylor.

And now it seems pretty clear that she wasn’t. Over the weekend, Reddit co-founder and Chairman of the Board Alexis Ohanian seemed to admit, albeit somewhat obliquely, that he was the person responsible for the firing, commenting on Reddit that

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Yeah, well, YOU’RE the real racists and misogynists, one Ellen Pao hater declares

No racism here! Screenshot from an anti-PAo video.
No racism here! Screenshot from an anti-Pao video.

The misogyny of many of those who badgered Ellen Pao out of her CEO position at Reddit was about as subtle as an explosive fart at a dinner party. And it’s not exactly difficult to find evidence of widespread racism directed at her as well.

There was the whole “Chairman Pao” thing, for example, and the blatantly racist “humor” that it unleashed:

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Pao! Right in the Kisser: Reddit jerkwads celebrate CEO’s resignation after a week of abuse

An anti-Pao graphic, repurposing Chinest Communist propagada
An anti-Pao graphic, repurposing Chinese Communist propaganda

Congratulations, assholes of Reddit! You’ve driven another woman away from your internet clubhouse.

This time the woman in question was the site’s now ex-CEO Ellen Pao, who resigned today after a week of “Reddit Revolt” that included racist and misogynistic abuse aimed at “Chairman Pao” as well as the occasional death threat.

Indeed, the abuse was so bad that Pao felt the need to address it in her resignation note: