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How to use hickeys to dominate your women, according to some Red Pill Redditor

Score! This will increase my sexual market value for sure

Over on the Ask The Red Pill subreddit, they’re talking about hickeys. More specifically, they’re talking about how alpha men like themselves can strategically use any hickeys they come to possess as a tool to impress the ladies.

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Red Piller: Evil girlfriends will fatten you up to make you unsexy then dump you for a sexier guy because THAT makes total sense, right?

It’s a TRAP!

By David Futrelle

Beware of women bearing potato chips, because they’re out to kill your sexy, sexy body and make you, like, a fatty. Especially beware when the woman in question is your longterm girlfriend, because this is all a devious plot to kill her feelings of attraction towards you because secretly all women want boyfriends they don’t think are attractive, or something.