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Roosh V: “Contraception destroys love” because casual sex uses up women’s “bonding glue”

Women agree: Roosh V isn’t spongeworthy

By David Futrelle

It’s not uncommon for aging libertines to have second thoughts about the casual hedonism of their youth. Neil Strauss followed up his 2005 book The Game, which brought the “pickup artist” subculture into the mainstream, with The Truth, in which he confessed that his celebrity as one of the world’s most famous PUAs had in many ways ruined his life and the lives of those around him. (Still, he didn’t return the royalties from his earlier book, as far as I know, or take it out of print.)

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Why is it worse for women to cheat than for men? “Because Penis,” Redditor explains

Cloudy with a chance of … you don’t want to know

By David Futrelle

From the Unpopular Opinions subreddit, a rather ingenious explanation as to why it’s much, much worse for men (well, cis men) to cheat on (cis) women than it is for women to cheat on men:

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Memeday: Men love idealistically (in their pants)

Adapted from a meme by Ian Ironwood
Adapted from a terrible meme by Ian Ironwood

We’ve met “Ian Ironwood” before, the prolific red pill mememaker with a fondness for retro images and retrograde sexual politics.

Today, I’ve assemble what you might call a little meme essay made up of images he’s posted. Prepare yourself in advance for a BIG IRONIC SURPRISE TWIST ENDING!

Oh dear, I’ve kind of spoiled the surprise. Oops.

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The Fart Gap: Why Red Pillers think that women should never fart — or fart-shame their flatulent men

Owner of a lonely fart
Owner of a lonely fart

Ladies, we need to talk. About farting.

It has recently come to my attention that women sometimes fart. And that some of you even do it in the presence of men – including the men whom you allegedly love.

This is a gigantic no-no, a sign of disrespect for your man’s manliness. Also, never criticize his farting, because that too is a sign of disrespect for his manliness.

At least according to the douchebags of the Manosphere and the women who love them, farts and all.