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Hurricane Irma and other disasters: Today in Tweets

Irma in action in Puerto Rico

By David Futrelle

Hurricane Irma is cutting a wide swath of destruction in the Carribean, en route to Florida. Meanwhile, Equifax doxxes 44% of all Americans, a racist Twitter lady waxes poetic about white guy spooge, and wolves are fucking huge, man.

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“When you Fap to porn you’re essentially just cucking yourself,” Red Piller explains

Ha ha what a pathetic cuck!

By David Futrelle

Pickup artist types tend to look on masturbation as a stumbling block in the way of true Red Pill greatness. If you’re not sexually frustrated pretty much all the time, you see, you’ll never have the “discipline” necessary to learn and try to use all the creepy sex-getting tactics taught in places like the Red Pill subreddit.

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Merry Christmas, if you’re into that sort of thing!

Getting into the Christmas spirit

And if you’re not, happy Sunday, and happy any other holidays you celebrate around this time of year.

A good day to forget about all the bullshit this year has brought us.

Here are some more cats and dogs celebrating in their own peculiar ways.

Happy day!