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Natural News says the COVID vax will make your DNA melt and basically kill everyone but anti-vax “purebloods,” so I guess it’s goodbye for you and me

Soon her DNA will be MELTING

Natural News describes itself as “a science-based natural health advocacy organization” dedicated to “empower[ing] consumers with factual information.”

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The Daily Stormer asks: Are the Jews secretly trying to absorb the DNA of CNN’s Brian Stelter?

Jamie and Brian Stelter

By David Futrelle

CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter, an amiable print-journalist-turned-TV-pundit, doesn’t seem like the sort of guy who would arouse a lot of public passion. But amongst those in Fox Nation and further right he’s hated for his (really rather mild) critiques of Donald Trump and his favorite TV network.

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Fellas! Make your girlfriend your clone by uploading your sperm into her brain!

Michael B. Jordan , meet your new girlfriend, Michaela B. Jordan

By David Futrelle

It’s amazing how many men think their sperm is magical. Some, echoing the incorrect beliefs of scientists from centuries ago, think that it’s what “brings life” to the womb, with women providing no more than a place for a fetus to hang out for 9 months before it’s born. Some think their own sperm is worth its weight in gold.