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MGTOWs have lots of thoughts about the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates and some of them are really quite remarkably weird

The formerly happy couple

The just-announced divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates has the boys of the MGTOW subreddit all riled up.

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MGTOWs: “Soulless” Meghan Markle is luring Prince Harry to Canada to “divorce rape” him


By David Futrelle

I‘ve seen plenty of hot takes on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s breakup with the royal family, but the hottest one I’ve seen thus far comes from the collective mind of the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, where the regulars have convinced themselves it’s all a dastardly plot by the evil Meghan to lure Harry to Canada, which they think “has the worst anti-male divorce laws than even the US,” so she can steal his fortune in a divorce settlement.

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MRAs and MGTOWs are outraged that Jeff Bezos may only be the FOURTH richest man in the world after his divorce

By David Futrelle

Feminists, in addition to eating babies and occasionally saying mean things about dudes on Twitter, actually do a lot of distinctly unglamorous and often unappreciated work providing help to people who are suffering. They staff crisis hotlines, build and run domestic violence shelters that provide services for women and men, work to provide menstrual products to poor girls so that they can go to school, that sort of thing.

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Just a bunch of creepy pics of Donald Trump Jr in the wake of his wife filing for divorce

20 minutes into collusion and chill and he gives you this look

By David Futrelle

Some people like to crochet while they watch TV. Me, I like to take pictures of Trump family members and/or administration officials and run them through weird DreamscopeApp filters that make them look as creepy on the outside as they are on the inside.

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Kevin Federline-andry: The most pressing men's human rights issue of our age?

Presented, without comment — ok, besides this comment, and the comment in the title of the post — is this headline from the Men’s Rights subreddit:

Kevin Federline received $13 million from his divorce with Brittany Spears. Would he have gotten more if genders swapped?

Thanks once again to AgainstMensRights for finding this one.

Also, it’s BRITNEY. Not Brittany. Britney. One T, followed by NEY. B-R-I-T-N-E-Y. It’s not hard to remember.

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Men’s Rights Jeopardy: I’ll take “Kill the B*tch” for two dozen upvotes, Alex.

MRAs: Perpetually furious
MRAs: Perpetually furious

So over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, a fella named dzogen came by to vent about his unfair divorce.

Seems his “freeloader and loser” of an ex-wife — a former drug addict — sits around the house eating bon bons while happily collecting $2500 a month in child support for the five year old kid they had together. Also, she treats him with disrespect. “Meanwhile,” the poor fella wrote, for an added dose of pathos, “I have to survive on PB&J.”


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Men’s Rights Redditor: Nigella Lawson should have expected choking because Saatchi is a rich dude, and rich dudes are EXTREME!

So the regulars in the Men’s Rights subreddit are discussing the Saatchi/Lawson divorce, as we were yesterday, and, well, it’s going better than expected, in that quite a few of them are actually willing to accept that Saatchi actually abused Lawson and that his demand that she defend him against the accusations of abuse thus don’t really make much sense. I guess that’s what happens when the abuse is literally caught on camera and printed on the front page of every British tabloid.

But not everyone there has responded so, well, rationally. Take this fellow:

Sasha_ 10 points 1 day ago  This is one of those things where anything you say will run up against the absolutism of the ideologues. The fact is that neither Charles Saatchi or Nigella Lawson are 'normal' people - he's a billionaire art-collector and ad-man, she's a lifestyle guru and millionaire in her own right. They get up to all kinds of shit that don't make any sense to anyone outside that kind of rarefied circle. Was he wrong to throttle her in public? Yeah, probably. But he's the kind of fella who thinks nothing of chartering a helicopter to scatter rose petals on her birthday, so you know, it's all going to be a bit fucking extreme isn't it? This is the thing; if I began a relationship with a playboy centrefold, I wouldn't be THAT surprised to come home one day and find her in bed getting strange with the tennis-coach. I'd be disappointed, but not surprised.  Same goes if you marry the world's No1 golfer, or Oscar Pistorius - you're going for the extremes here, and if you're going to fuck a Rolling Stone, things are going to get fucking odd at times.

Dude, I’m pretty sure the rich and/or weird are subject to the same laws (and moral judgements) as the rest of us. Billionaire art collectors don’t get a free pass to choke their wives in public. Nor is that equivalent to a hypothetical Playboy centerfold cheating on you.

Also, as a point of fact, Saatchi isn’t a billionaire. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he’s worth something on the order of $100 million; the site estimates Lawson to be worth $15 million.