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Is TikTok turning your daughter into a child-sacrificing, sexual-abusing, self-mutilating leftist witch? The Federalist thinks so

Parents, watch out! The video-based social media app TikTok isn’t just entertaining your young daughters with amateur videos featuring dancing and lip-sync and humor that will make anyone older than 25 feel very ancient indeed; it’s also, the Federalist warns, enabling kids to “‘dabble in the occult from their phones.”

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Massive planned Men’s Rights protest fails because dude has a meeting at work that day

MRA planning a protest (Re-enactment)

By David Futrelle

As you may have noticed, Men’s Rights Activists aren’t really very, well, activist. Sure, they talk a lot online, but when it comes to organizing anything in the real world, they fail utterly. Indeed, the only real Men’s Rights protest I’ve seen in all my years running this blog drew fewer people than a ten percent off sale at the dollar store.