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Some Dems are sounding a lot like Kavanaugh defenders in their attacks on Biden accuser Lucy Flores

Biden has been doing this gropey shit for so long that someone made a Halloween costume out of it

UPDATE: Two more women have come forward to accuse Biden of inappropriate touching, making four in all.

By David Futrelle

It’s not exactly news that Joe Biden has a groping problem. We’ve all seen the videos, year after year, of Biden playing the role of creepy uncle at event after event, pawing weirdly at the shoulders, and hips, and sometimes even the chests of women and girls in his vicinity, fussing with their hair, perhaps leaning in to whisper something in their ears or even to kiss them on the back of their head.

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Trump cornered: Thoughts on the Democratic victory and the enormous dangers ahead

Trump at his press conference today

By David Futrelle

We won yesterday, and won big. It might not feel like much of a victory, because we lost some Senate seats and a couple of longshot races that I and a lot of other people had half-convinced ourselves we were going to win. It might not seem like much of a victory because it was incomplete, and because as long as Trump is in the White House we’re fighting a defensive battle. But the fact is that yesterday we pulled this country back from the abyss.

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Democracy in Peril: Election Eve Open Thread

Is this democracy’s last stand in the US?

By David Futrelle

We’re on the eve of what may be the most consequential midterm elections in American history — quite possibly our last chance to protect what remains of democracy in America from the preening autocrat in the White House and from a party that’s been conspiring against our democratic institutions actively for decades.

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#ResistTrump today by starting a sustained fightback for the ACA

Escalate the phone war!

The House has now joined the Senate in voting for the legislation that could pave the way for the GOP’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). The GOP says it will have the final repeal bill drafted by January 27th.

In other words, get ready to fight for the ACA as if your life depended on it. Because it literally might.