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The Federalist went to a Drag Queen Story Hour and lived to tell the tale

Drag queen Muffy Fishbasket, who is actually a different drag queen than the one I’m writing about in this story

“Drag Queen Story Hour,” DQSH for short, is pretty much what it says it is: A drag queen goes to a library and spends an hour reading stories to children. The idea originated with queer writer and activist Michelle Tea in 2015, and right-wingers have been having fits about it ever since, seeing it as a vile propaganda tool that’s “normalizing degeneracy” and luring children into the LGBTQ lifestyle. One right-wing Christian activist likened the events to “mental rape.”

MGTOW misogyny

“If you can train dogs, you can absolutely train women,” MGTOW Redditor declares

Dogs don’t want to be trained by MGTOWs either

Over in the MGTOW subreddit, the regulars are again discussing the nature of women, as they are wont to do. Are women innately slutty and evil, or do they just not know any better?


Jews, Blow Jobs, and The Daily Telegraph: The Top 20 Degenerate Things This Week, according to the worst people on the internet

The Talmud: Degenerate?

By David Futrelle

“Degenerate” was a favorite term of opprobrium for the Nazis, who used it to vilify everything in the culture that made them uneasy, from modern art to jazz music — all of which, naturally, they blamed on the Jews.

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Incels celebrate Halloween by calling for the death of women

By David Futrelle

Incels are celebrating Halloween the same way they celebrate pretty much every holiday — by calling for the murder of women.

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It’s like a hammer to the gut: One Angry Gamer reacts to Lady Thor

Meet the new Thor, not the same as the old Thor

By David Futrelle

You can always count on the dude who calls himself One Angry Gamer to have a highly nuanced reaction to developments in the gaming and comics worlds. For example, take his reaction to the news yesterday that the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie will feature Natalie Portman — a LADY — as none other than Thor himherself.