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Fake Melania, meet Donald Trump’s fake charitable contributions: Today in Tweets

There’s definitely something a bit … off about her eyes

By David Futrelle

When is Melania Trump not Melania Trump? When internet conspiracy theorists decide that the Melania Trump-looking lady standing next to our illegitimate president is a secret imposter. Never mind that this women is OBVIOUSLY MELANIA WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT.

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Old man yells at crowd: Today in Tweets

We may all be in hell

By David Futrelle

So Trump delivered a real barn cross-burner of a speech last night in Phoenix. Then police fired tear gas and flash-bang grenades at a crowd of protesters that was just standing around outside. And then other things happened. Let’s go to the Tweets.

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Sweet, furry relief: Chrome extension replaces pics of Trump with kittens


Wadded up fur set on the top of the head still looks better than Trump’s actual hair

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you’re thoroughly sick of seeing Donald Trump’s orange mug plastered all over the internet, there’s a handy little Chrome extension that replaces Trump pics with adorable pics of kittens.

I’ve been testing it out a little and it works … some of the time. But when it does it’s kind of magical. Here’s what the front page of The Daily Beast’s politics section looked like to me when I visited there today:

Aw, who’s a furry little president-elect?

Alas, it does not make the news itself any more adorable.

H/T — Mashable, via @megalibrarygirl

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The We Hunted the Mammoth Tribute to the True Heroes of Gaming


Since today is Thanksgiving — also known as Thursday, to those not in the US — I thought I would take a break from all the negativity and celebrate some of the true heroes of video gaming.

Make sure to scroll down all the way for a video of cats and dogs and lizards legitimately for real playing iPad games. Enjoy!

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Meet the Kittens 3: BFF Edition

Some more shots of the kitties, sacked out between campaigns of destruction. They are actually cuter than this in real life.