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Stefan Molyneux says his YouTube career is in a “death spiral.” I may bust out crying.

Stefan has had a “brutal year”

By David Futrelle

Stefan Molyneux is having a bad time. In a recent YouTube video, the white nationalist philosopher-impersonator chronicles what he calls his “brutal year,” with YouTube views dropping precipitously — due, he says, to alleged unspecified YouTube machinations against him —and his other moneymaking attempts failing. He throws himself on the mercy of his 929,000 YouTube supporters, begging for donations and promising half-seriously to write a new book on whatever subject they collectively demand.

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Red Piller: Become an Alpha Sex God by Imitating a Cult Leader and Convicted Rapist

Aravindan Balakrishnan: Red Pill role model?
Aravindan Balakrishnan: Convicted serial rapist and abuser, Red Pill role model?

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Aravindan Balakrishnan was a Maoist cult leader who used psychological torture and sexual violence to keep a small group of women under his control for decades in a hellish “commune” in South London.

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His popularity waning, Paul Elam tells MRAs who hate him that he doesn’t want them anyway

I can't HEAR you!
I can’t HEAR you!

It’s not exactly news, at least to long-time readers of this site, that A Voice for Men’s tinpot dictator Paul Elam can’t take criticism — especially when it comes from fellow Men’s Rights activists.

But who knew Elam was so allergic to criticism that he would declare that MRAs who expressed any sort of uneasiness with that embarrassing video he posted to YouTube earlier this week, featuring a drunken Elam and a small group of equally drunken acolytes making crude sexual remarks about two prominent feminist writers, were a bunch of “cowards, cunts [and] concern trolls” who would no longer be welcome at AVFM.