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A 4chan anon makes the case for cuckoldry: “It isn’t a fetish; it’s the natural order”

4Channers are so obsessed with calling people “cucks” that you can’t help but wonder if some of them are just projecting their own secret — or perhaps not-so-secret — fetishes on the world.

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“I WILL NEVER RAISE ANOTHER MAN’S CHILD,” declares MGTOW in epic(ally stupid) rant

Men! you are not obliged to raise a son whose father is clearly Andy Richter

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, and sometimes that thing he’s gotta do is to write a 1300-word rant about evil single moms who want to find new fathers for their kids.

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Incels still obsessed with other men’s sperm

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Incels have a curious double standard when it comes to virginity. They view their own virginity as both a cause and a symbol of ultimate failure and deprivation, proof that they’re inherently worthless in the sexual marketplace and possibly in life itself.

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“Paternity Fraud is Evolutionary Rape and Murder,” and might itself JUSTIFY MURDER, argues dude high on manosphere fumes

Not an actual book

By David Futrelle

Manosphere men are obsessed with the idea that women are naturally unfaithful, willing and eager to cheat on their husbands or boyfriends with any alpha male that happens to glance in their direction — a female proclivity these guys like to call “hypergamy,” a highfalutin word borrowed from anthropology and radically redefined to give their altogether unscientific, and thoroughly misogynistic, assumption the patina of SCIENCE.

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Tattoos on women are a “mark of slavery” showing that their bodies are owned by the tattoo artist, confused incel Redditor contends

lol, owned

By David Futrelle

Misogynists really seem to hate women with tattoos. I’ve always assumed that this is because tattooed women don’t exactly fit their fantasy of the demure tradwife hottie who will happily devote her life to making them sandwiches and washing their probably very disgusting underwear. Or maybe, I thought, they’re just intimidated.

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Check out my piece for NBC News on how the most toxic beliefs of MRAs have seeped into the alt-right

Christopher Cantwell, Men’s Rights Activist turned Neo-Nazi, showing off one of the guns he brought to Charlottesville to a reporter from Vice

By David Futrelle

I‘ve got a piece up today at NBC News THINK explaining how one of the most toxic ideas popularized by the Men’s Rights movement has helped to fuel the hateful ideology of the alt-right.

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Daily Stormer: We’re being white genocided by interracial emojis

The four horsepersons of the whitepocalypse?

By David Futrelle

White supremacists — perhaps the special-est of all special snowflakes — have a tendency to sink into tooth-grinding rages over the tiniest symbolic threats (or what they see as threats) to the supposed purity of their race. And never more so than when they feel that “their” white women are being sullied by so-called “black brutes”— which often feels to fragile racist men like a kind of cuckolding.

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Pro athletes are cucking Brad Pitt, because all women love jocks, confused MGTOW contends

Even Brad Pitt gets sand kicked on him at the beach

By David Futrelle

Manosphere misogynists seem to think that the world is basically the first three panels of that famous cartoon Charles Atlas ad writ large, in which musclebound “Bullies of the Beach” are continually kicking sand on wimpy beta males and humiliating them in front of their girlfriends.

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You’re a “cuck” if you marry a woman who’s ever given someone else a sloppy beej, MGTOW theorist explains

Does he know her not actually very dark or deep secret?

By David Futrelle

It’s not just the incels who are utterly obsessed with the semen of other men. Nope. So are the (allegedly) voluntarily celibate guys who call themselves Men Going Their Own Way.

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Why are incels so obsessed with other men’s semen? The answer is much darker than you think

To incels, virtually every sexually active straight man is a cuck

By David Futrelle

Right-wing shitposters aren’t the only ones who like to call everyone a “cuck.” Quite a few incels are fond of the insult as well, though in their minds it’s less of an insult than a description of the typical straight man — and they mean it quite literally.