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The Federalist: Own the libs on Columbus Day by cooking this politically incorrect pasta dish

Just be careful you don’t overeat and own yourself by accident

Leave it to the Federalist to offer a literal recipe for owning the libs.

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MGTOWs and cooking go together like unidentifiable glop on rice

Don’t kiss THIS cook

By David Futrelle

Men Going Their Own Way are determined to let the world know that they really can go their own way — and that they neither need nor desire some dumb taks to take care of the basic tasks of life like, you know, cleaning, or preparing food for themselves.

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Do You Even Cook, Bro? The 8 Manliest Sentences in Paul Elam's Cooking Column for Men

Now it's time to Fuck The Tomatoes Up
Now it’s time to Fuck The Tomatoes Up

So our old friend Paul Elam has launched a new cooking column for Men Going Their Own Way. I mentioned it yesterday but hadn’t gotten around to reading his first installment. Intrigued by the quotes some of my readers were posting in the comments here, I actually went over to A Voice for Men and read it.

Alas, there were no recipes, but Elam wasn’t shy about dispensing some RED PILL WISDOM about the fine art science of eating stuff.

And so I would like to share with you the 8 Manliest Sentences from Elam’s “Eating MGTOW: Learn the food, dude.”

Plus some additional thoughts from Elam than I was able to access with my amazing powers of extrasensory perception.