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The Daily Stormer asks: Are the Jews secretly trying to absorb the DNA of CNN’s Brian Stelter?

Jamie and Brian Stelter

By David Futrelle

CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter, an amiable print-journalist-turned-TV-pundit, doesn’t seem like the sort of guy who would arouse a lot of public passion. But amongst those in Fox Nation and further right he’s hated for his (really rather mild) critiques of Donald Trump and his favorite TV network.

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Trump thanks Putin for expelling American diplomats as apocalypse looms: Today in Tweets

Vlad watches the news

By David Futrelle

Is this real life, or have we somehow all become bit players in some badly written parody of the world we once knew? I have no idea, but here are some tweets. Including some cute animals, which are the one constant in this Bizarro world of ours.

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Daily Stormer threatens to “track down” children of CNN staffers in wake of so-called #CNNBlackmail

Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer

By David Futrelle

See correction at end of post. 

The neo-Nazi internet tip sheet The Daily Stormer is warning CNN employees that itstroll army will “track down” their parents, siblings, spouses and children in an act of revenge against the network for its reporting on the racist and anti-Semitic Reddit memester who made a gif depicting Donald Trump body-slamming a man with a CNN logo for a head that achieved internet infamy after Trump himself retweeted it a few days ago.

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Reddit’s Jailbait king Violentacrez goes on CNN, digs his own hole deeper

So Michael Brutsch – recently outed as notorious Reddit creep Violentacrez – appeared on CNN last night to discuss the fallout from his outing. It was not a wise choice on his part. He hasn’t been making a lot of wise choices lately.

Brutsch spent much of the cringe-worthy interview in self-pity mode, talking about the horrible consequences he and his family had suffered as a result of his behavior, the most notable being the loss of his job. He seemed only barely aware that others might have suffered from his actions over the years running subreddits devoted to the exploitation of underage girls. Like, for example, the girls themselves.