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“Incels deserve reparations just as much as African Americans,” galaxy-brained incel proclaims

Here are your reparations, sir!

By David Futrelle

It’s not just Men’s Rights Activists who’ve appropriated the language of the Civil Rights movement in order to further their reactionary cause. The incels do it too — though, incels being incels, they tend to be much weirder about it.

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Things #GamerGaters Actually Believe, Part 294: Gamers are as oppressed as African Americans in the Jim Crow era

These are some actual Tweets posted yesterday by @FartToContinue, a fairly prominent #GamerGater.

fart1 fart2 fart3

A few minutes with Google image search reveals that two of the images are photoshopped versions of photos documenting or depicting racial segregation in the Jim Crow era in the United States; one of the signs was originally directed at … hippies.

The originals:

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A Voice for Men's Alison Tieman: Winning women the vote was “Feminism's first act of female supremacy.”

I don’t often write about Alison Tieman – the eccentric FeMRA videoblogger known better as Typhon Blue – in large part because, well, have you ever watched one of her videos? Her arguments and assertions bear so little relation to what the rest of us know as reality it’s as if she lives in some weird inverted world of her own making.

It’s rather difficult to address the arguments of someone when virtually everything she says is wrong – logically, historically, morally – in some fundamental way.

But I’m going to have a go at her latest video anyway, because, well, it’s only 4 minutes long, which will make unpacking its fractal wrongness a little less of a daunting task. Also, there’s a kitty in it.