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Incel comes up with a way to blame feminists for male pedophiles

Beatlemaniacs: Not adult women

Never underestimate the ingenuity of the incels when it comes to finding ways to justify pedophilia.


The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin hates babies — but wants white couples to produce as many of them as humanly possible

Andrew Anglin: Angry, baby!

By David Futrelle

Nazis have a bit of an obsession about babies, forever urging white couples to pump out a many of them as humanly possible. Even the infamous “14 words” neo-Nazi catechism is all about “secur[ing] … a future for white children.”

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This incel is mad that his cousin didn’t sexually abuse him when he was 13

By David Futrelle

Incels have rather, er, romanticized ideas about sexual abuse. They’re so fixated on the idea that having sex will fix all of their problems that they sometimes fantasize publicly about how great it would have been if their mothers, or sisters, or cousins had molested them when they were young. And sometimes they even get angry that they weren’t abused.

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Today In Inexplicable A Voice for Men Memes

Classic WTF-ery from AVFM's Facebook page
Classic WTF-ery from AVFM’s Facebook page

More brilliant public relations work by the AVFM crew.

The top “meme,” posted on AVFM’s Facebook page, isn’t inexplicable in itself — I assume someone said to the meme-maker that by “criticizing” women he was doing the same thing feminists were doing by criticizing men, and this was meant as an enormous insult? It’s just inexplicable as a way to, you know, reach out to a broader audience beyond misogynist douchebags who think that the idea of ironing a woman in lingerie is inherently hilarious. But I guess that’s not really AVFM’s aim, is it?

Another one from the AVFM Facebook page:

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Attention-seeking manosphere guru Roosh V posts article on “Why You Should Beat Your Kids” [UPDATE: Was it plagiarized?]


So it seems that some Men’s Rightsers and manospherians, reveling in the negative attention they’ve managed to get from the mainstream for some of their more reprehensible postings, have decided to up the ante a bit, posting stuff that’s so deliberately over the top in its despicableness that even some of their readers have been taken aback.

A case in point: A paean to child abuse recently posted on Roosh’s Return of Kings blog. (Let me put a big TRIGGER WARNING on all the quotes from it that follow.)