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Apparently Burger King’s new chicken sandwich will make you a homosexualist, or something

Time to take a look at some of the headlines in the right-wing garbage media to see what’s going on today in their parallel universe.

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Enjoy this delicious (if possibly a teensy weensy bit meat-heavy) MGTOW pasta salad!

Now THAT’S a salad!

By David Futrelle

Last night, a tweet from writer Lucy Valentine reminded me of the classic A Voice for Men post I wrote about several years back in which MGTOW master chef August Løvenskiolds offered up his unique recipe for “Buck Buck Chicken,” a bland and possibly slightly dry delicacy that even a MGTOW could cook, because all it involved was sticking a frozen, unseasoned chicken breast in an 450 degree oven for an hour while you yelled at feminists online. (No, really, those were his cooking instructions, yelling at feminists included.)