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Those who need to wear masks won’t; those who don’t need to, do

Not how it’s supposed to work

The CDC has made it official, or at least as close to official as we are likely to get: If you’ve gotten all the vaccination shots for COVID, you don’t need to wear a mask — definitely not outside, and possibly not inside a shop or restaurant.

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Women are keeping their masks on to ward off the “male gaze,” and anti-maskers are losing their shit

Now that the CDC has, perhaps prematurely, given the go-ahead for vaccinated people to dispense with face masks outdoors, you might think the anti-maskers would calm down a little. But the fact that some people are continuing to wear masks despite the new CDC guidance has kept many of the anti-Maskers boiling over with anger.

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Why the “cock carousel” is bullshit, according to SCIENCE

Well, ok, THIS cock (and horse and zebra) carousel is a real thing

By David Futrelle

If you’ve spent any time at all observing misogynists online, you are no doubt familiar with the concept of the “cock carousel” — a vaguely poetic way of referring to the allegedly vast number of men that the average woman is said to have sex with in her “prime,” from the moment she first starts having sex in her teens up until she “hits the wall” somewhere between age 25 and 30, immediately rendering her too old and ugly to be appealing to most men. (Allegedly.)

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Nazi idiots accuse CDC of lowering “normal” testosterone range in plot to turn men gay

Typical low-testosterone gay men

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By David Futrelle

Watch out, straight dudes! The government is coming for your manhood!

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CDC: MRA claims that “40% of rapists are women” are based on bad math and misuse of our data


Feminists often complain, with considerable justification, that Men’s Rights Activists try to turn every conversation about women’s issues into a game of “what about the men?” You’re talking about female rape victims — well, what about the male rape victims?

The trouble with this strategy, from the point of view of the Men’s Rights Activists anyway, is that this little “gotcha” is much less of a “gotcha” then they’d like it to be.

In the case of rape, for example, feminists are well aware that men are raped as well: the “Don’t Be That Guy” ad campaign, which sent so many MRAs into hysterics, focused on male victims as well as female ones. The emergency room rape advocate organization that a friend of mine volunteers for  provides advocacy for victims regardless of gender.

So many MRAs have started playing another game: trying to twist the conversation around in order to cast women as the villains. Rape is a bit tough for them here, since the overwhelming majority of rapists are male. So MRAs talk about the alleged epidemic of female false accusers instead. Or they change the topic entirely and make dead baby jokes (see my post yesterday).

Recently, MRAs have tried a new strategy, seizing on data from The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, a massive study conducted in 2010 under the aegis of the Centers for Disease Control, to claim that “40% of rapists are women.”