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Scott Lively attacks gays as “predators” but thinks Bill Cosby, hetero predator, is just fine

Scott Lively, probably saying something terrible

Scott Lively is a writer, a pastor, an activist, and a raging homophobe. He’s probably best known for writing a thoroughly debunked book arguing that gays did the Holocaust.

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Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer defends “Victimized Negro Gentleman Bill Cosby” and hails the court decision that set him free

Bill Cosby and Andrew Anglin: Reunited and it feels so good

As hard as it may be to believe, Bill Cosby has his supporters, people who believe his word over that of 60 accusers — or who just don’t give a shit if he’s guilty or not.

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Reddit has some absolutely awful takes on Bill Cosby’s release from prison

Reddit is one of the world’s biggest repositories of terrible wrong crap. So I thought I’d take a little look to see what people in Reddit’s wrongest subreddits had to say about Bill Cosby’s release from prison on a technicality.

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Bill Cosby released from prison for completely bullshit reason: Open Thread

What motherfucker just got released from prison because he made a deal he never should have been allowed to make

I’m stunned. Bill Cosby is walking free.

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I’ve found the worst take on the Bill Cosby verdict. Thanks, Paul Elam of A Voice for Men!

Paul Elam: Mad on the Internet

The Spring 2018 WHTM pledge drive is on! Please donate generously to spite Paul Elam! Thanks! 

By David Futrelle

I don’t check Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men all that often these days — the world has largely moved on from it and so have I — but I stopped by there yesterday while working on my post about the odious Don Blankenship, and happened to notice that the one and only Paul Elam had weighed in on the Cosby GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY verdict in a post whose title declared bluntly that “we’re all Bill Cosby now.”

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Injustice System Open Thread

Philando Castile and his mother Valerie

In the wake of the outrageous if not exactly surprising acquittal of a police officer for the murder of Philando Castile and the mistrial in the Bill Cosby rape case here’s an open thread in which to discuss and vent. No trolls, MRAs, Trump fans.

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The worst take? Columnist argues that Bill Cosby is “taking the hit for men who’ve wronged women”

Is it fair to convict someone who was so charming playing Cliff Huxtable?

By David Futrelle

UPDATE: 6/17 Mistrial

As I write this, I am awaiting what I hope will be a guilty verdict in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial.

Meanwhile, on, columnist Christine M. Flowers is wishing “we’d never come to verdict on this case.” Because, in her mind,

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Red Pillers Wonder: Why Didn’t Bill Cosby Just Bang Hot Brazilian Babes Instead?

Roosh fans wonder: Why didn't Bill Cosby just go to Brazil?
Roosh fans wonder: Why didn’t Bill Cosby just go to Brazil?

Over on the Roosh V Forum, the assembled Red Pill Alpha Dudes are sharing their thoughtful opinions on Bill Cosby’s arrest yesterday. And by thoughtful, I mean “nauseating.”

For some reason, an enormous number of their comments reference Brazil and its “feminine young female locals.”

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5 Untrue Things I Learned from AVFM’s 8th Post Defending Bill Cosby

Cotton Mather: He came in liketh a wrecking ball
Cotton Mather: He cameth in like a wrecking ball

When you have nothing to say, say it about Cosby.

Yesterday, Men’s Rights garbage site A Voice for Men doubled tripled quadrupled quintupled sextupled septupled octupled-down on its Bill Cosby apologia with an overwrought, overwritten, often barely comprehensible 3000 word opus titled “Why I despise Mass Media and love The Coz” by self-described “libertarian/market anarchist” B.R. Merrick.

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What happened when A Voice for Men’s News Director tried to publish an anti-Cosby post on that terrible site

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's all true, you piece of shit.
Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s all true, you piece of shit.

A Voice for Men, the World’s Greatest Grandpa of Men’s Rights sites, prides itself on the intellectual and political diversity of its writers.

The site has published articles by Holocaust-denying marital-rape advocates — and from dudes who think that the Holocaust happened and that marital rape shouldn’t happen. It has published articles lauding the rape legalization proponent and “pickup artist” Roosh V as a deep thinker” deserving nothing but respect — and articles denouncing him and other PUAs as excessively chivalrous flatterers engaging in “a scripted game of women-worship.” AVFM publishes articles attacking “bitches” alongside articles dissing “whores.”

What they won’t publish? Articles suggesting that Bill Cosby probably is guilty of some or all of the rapes he’s been accused of.