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John McCain says no: Today in Tweets

Senator Bill Cassidy, would-be healthcare-stealing goblin

By David Futrelle

John McCain announces that he’s now a “no” vote on the Graham-Cassidy anti-healthcare bill, and gets hailed as a “hero,” proving that the  standards for “heroism” amongst Republican senators is pretty damn low. But if McCain is your senator, you should probably call to thank him for this minimal act of human decency.

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Whaa? Daily Stormer hails Berkeley puncher, demands teen girls be “forcibly married-off”

Turns out that very few teenage girls want to be forcibly married to Nazis

It’s not exactly a shock to discover that Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer, the internet Nazi tabloid, thinks it’s just swell that a fellow white supremacist sucker-punched a female antifascist activist in one of the many melees that broke out in and around an alt-right rally in Berkeley yesterday.

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VIDEO: Drama King Mike Cernovich cries “I’m being assaulted” after terrifying gentle nudging at Austin rally

Mike Cernovich: Very salty

Correction: I thought this was at the Berkeley rally; it was actually in Austin.

Mike Cernovich has taken his clowning to a whole new level. Watch as “one of America’s leading jouirnalists [sic]” — as he describes himself on his website — is brutally assaulted by a bloodthirsty mob of SJWs at a Tax Day rally in Austin, TX.

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Alt-Right dinguses really very excited that one of them punched a woman in the face

Defenders of Ee Ech in Berkeley

So there was a bit of a battle in Berkeley on Saturday between a motley crew of alt-rightists who wanted to give some speeches and a bunch of anti-fascist (antifas) who didn’t want them to.

Things got a bit, well, heated, with the alt-right anti-antifas going on a bit of a rampage.