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Hate, lies and video games: Six ways #Gamergate poisoned gaming and ruined the online world for the rest of us

Gamergate: Literally prepared the way for fascism

By David Futrelle

I recently appeared on the Australian radio show Stop Everything to talk about the poisonous legacy of Gamergate. (You can listen to the archived episode here.) So I thought I would expand a little on some of the notes I made for myself before doing the show, and get into a little more detail on some issues I wasn’t able to talk about during the show itself.

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Anime Nazis turn on Christina Hoff Sommers after she stands up for assaulted reporter

Based mom no more?
Based mom no more?

You may recall how Christina Hoff Sommers, right-wing think tanker and longtime pseudofeminist, was transformed into the idolized “Based Mom” after she cannily jumped aboard the #GamerGate train and started going to events with noted ethical journalist Milo Yiannopoulos?

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The Five Creepiest #GamerGate Fan Art Tributes to Christina Hoff Sommers, aka Based Mom (With Bonus Annoying Gif)

She's not the messiah's mom
She’s not the messiah’s mom

GamerGaters sure do love their Based Mom! Christina Hoff Sommers, as you may or may not know, is a libertarian think-tanker who’s been grinding away at feminism for two decades, while still, rather perversely, claiming to be feminist. Though not a video gamer herself, she’s jumped aboard the GamerGate train, and GamerGaters have repaid her interest in their little crusade with interest, anointing her their “Based Mom” and talking about her with weird reverence.

That is, when they’re not making creepy fan art about her. Today, five of the most disturbing examples I’ve found so far.