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This “Ask the Red Pill” question might just turn your stomach

As I noted not long ago, the Ask The Red Pill subreddit has locked itself down and moved to a new non-Reddit address. But the old posts are all still there, and this little blast from 11 days in the past is pretty much guaranteed to creep you out. Even if you have to read it twice before it starts to make sense.

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The Red Pill subreddits have packed up their considerable baggage and left Reddit, hopefully for good

The Red Pill’s exodus was a little less dramatic

Last night, I sent my browser to a familiar place — the often comical Ask The Red Pill subreddit — only to discover a ghost town. The threads had been locked down — no more replies possible — and a note stickied to the top of the page reported that “We have moved to Forums.Red – Posting here is locked.” Clicking on the link sends you to the new location, which at the moment seems as much of a ghost town as the original.