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Grown man has existential crisis over lack of access to his ex-girlfriend’s butt

Yes, I’ve made this joke before

I‘m becoming somewhat addicted to the Ask The Red Pill subreddit; it’s such an amazing mixture of bad ideas and weird insecurities, a place where earnest Red Pill ideologues offer relationship advice to men who really shouldn’t be in relationships of any kind.

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Bishop: Pregnant women turn their babies gay by having anal sex | Brand New Ugly

The anal sex understander has logged on

Hey, vagina-havers! If you don’t want your babies to turn gay, don’t have butt sex when you’re pregnant!

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Roosh V warns straight dudes that liking women’s butts is a “gateway to homosexuality” (UPDATED with more butt content)

Fellas, if you’re just a little too into Mrs. Incredible’s ass, you may already be gay

NOTE: This post has been updated with more on Roosh and butts.

By David Futrelle

Roosh Valizadeh is the internationally recognized expert in how to have sex with women who tell you “no” thirty times, yet not be formally charged with rape. Apparently he has also become an expert in the etiology of homosexuality, at least of the male sort.

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You’re a “cuck” if you marry a woman who’s ever given someone else a sloppy beej, MGTOW theorist explains

Does he know her not actually very dark or deep secret?

By David Futrelle

It’s not just the incels who are utterly obsessed with the semen of other men. Nope. So are the (allegedly) voluntarily celibate guys who call themselves Men Going Their Own Way.

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Butt seriously? ANAL PORN is WHITE GENOCIDE, amateur Red Pill philosopher contends

I blame the non-dairy farmers

By David Futrelle

Sometimes the sideshow is more interesting than the main event. Consider this strange ass-ault on butt-sex porn found in the comments to a Return of Kings post titled “GLOBOHOMO RAINBOW MAFIA IS FORCING THE U.S. NATIONAL SOCCER TEAMS TO WEAR GAY PRIDE JERSEYS.”