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Watch mad clown Milo melt down during his Out Magazine photoshoot

Mad Milo mansplains feminism to Amanda Marcotte, in drag
Mad Milo mansplains feminism to Amanda Marcotte, in drag.

One of the many strange things about Breitbart’s alleged “tech editor” Milo Yiannopoulos is how much he cares about convincing people he doesn’t care.

The self-described “provocateur” even dressed up as a literal clown for his recent profile in Out Magazine.

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VIDEO: Go Home, Men’s Rights Movement, You’re Drunk. (Seriously, folks, watch this one.)

Is the Men’s Rights Movement a bunch of middle-aged creeps obsessed with the sexuality of women young enough to be their daughters?

Judging from this video, shot at the first A Voice for Men “family reunion,” the answer is “yes.” Also, the Men’s Rights movement is drunk.

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A Voice for Men's fake site proudly reposts an article on domestic violence plagiarizing from Amanda Marcotte

Not the same as writing
Not the same as writing

On Sunday, Paul Elam, head cheese of A Voice for Men, proudly announced that his colleagues at the phony website were republishing a kind of shitty article on domestic violence by Tanveer Ahmed, a columnist for the Australian and a man Elam described as an “esteemed psychiatrist, author, [and] media regular.”

Wait, did I say he was a columnist for the Australian? Make that former columnist. The Guardian reports that the Australian has just fired Ahmed – for plagiarizing a chunk of the very article that Elam has just republished.

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Check out my interview about the dreaded Friend Zone on Amanda Marcotte's Reality Check Podcast

Like video games, the friend zone is not real.
Like video games, the friend zone is not real.

If you missed my talk at Northwestern on the Friend Zone, and most of you did, I go over a lot of what I said in it in my interview with Amanda Marcotte here. My segment of the podcast starts about 8 minutes in. (The rest of the podcast is interesting, too.)

The one thing missing from the podcast that my talk had was … a gazillion terrible Friend Zone memes to illustrate all my points. So here are a couple of the ones I refer to in the interview.